Preventing Spread of Diseases


System solution for the disinfection of aircraft cabins

We offer innovative services in aircraft cabin hygiene.

Disinfection by means of aerosol nebulization

• The aerosol can reach small joints and gaps
• Fast evaporation of the aerosol
• No need to remove the equipment from the cabin
• Very high material compatibility of the disinfectant; no damages on the cabin interior
• Short treatment time
• Higher qhygienic grade than wipe disinfection

Information SFT Aircraft Disinfection
• fast
Depending on the size of the cab, 15 to 45 minutes are required for treatment. The active ingredient adheres to all particles in this phase and in a thin layer on the surfaces. As soon as the fogging device is switched off, the artificial air humidity drops, the fog particles sink to the ground due to the gravity. The small droplet sizes of 10-12 μm allow rapid evaporation of the water and thus a concentration of the active substance on the surface of particles and germs. After only a short time, no water droplets and therefore no active substance are present in the air.

• easy
Equipment do not need to be removed from the cabins to be treated.

• effectively
The cabin air and all surfaces are completely decontaminated. The contained water is in mist form an ideal medium for transporting the active substance in otherwise difficult to reach cracks, joints and gaps.

• neutral
The disinfectant used is odorless and sustainable. Aggressive agents can be replace by this procedure.

• High quality disinfection.

SFT Interior Disinfectant

The SFT Disinfectant is a disinfecting agent for aircraft interiors including: trays, toilet compartments (basins, toilets and surroundings), galleys, cabins (bulkheads, drop-down tables, etc.), armrests...

The products is perfectly suitable for cold fogging application.

The non-corrosive formulation is tested and safe for use on a broad range of surfaces in the aircraft: metals (aluminium), plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, polysulfone), (un)painted surfaces, rubber, vinyl and Tedlar® surfaces.

For details of the efficacy of SFT Interior Disinfectant refer to SFT2000025.

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AMS 1452B and Boeing D6-7127 certified products


Textile and Carpet Cleaning & Protection

Deep cleaning and fiber protection


Gentle deep cleaning for your aircraft carpets and textiles

With our carpet care concept, you can remove the dirt and prevent it in the future!

• Carpet deep cleaning - wet or dry
• Seat belt & Pillow cleaning
• Curtain cleaning and steaming
• Protective Coating for all textiles

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Efficient fiber protection through sealing

An aircraft carpet looks beautiful and is also very hard-wearing. In addition, it gives comfort and cosiness to your cabin.

However, the disadvantage is that the carpet must be cleaned regularly to ensure a clean appearance and to maintain a hygienic indoor air quality. Unfortunately, we accidentally carry dust and dirt in with our shoes and clothing.

If the carpeting then has to be cleaned, this usually only works incompletely with conventional cleaning methods. There is an effective protection that can be used to clean the carpet without much effort. With the help of SFT Surface Treatment, the fibers of the carpet can be sealed so that the dirt can no longer penetrate them. The seal does not cause any noticeable or visible change in the appearance, but you can easily clean the carpet afterwards. The specially developed process extends the lifespan of the fabric or carpet and is equally suitable for natural as well as synthetic materials.

The protective substance lies around the fibers when it is sealed; for every single one! This protective sheath significantly reduces the absorbency of the fabric: the penetration of dirt is prevented, spilled liquids can be easily removed before infiltration. Sealing with surface treatment not only increases the protection of the fiber; they treat your fabrics at the same time gentle care. The seal makes the fibers smooth. Because every single fiber is sealed, no continuous film is formed. How said, the protective coat is completely invisible, but the success is not: the textile can continue to breathe; Color, structure and quality are retained.

by the way: Surface Treatment products are not harmful to the environment! Surface Treatment makes regular, intensive efforts and investments in the field of research and development. The goal is not only a continuous improvement of the products, the protection of our environment is given top priority.

SAE AMS 1630C certified products


Leather Care, Conditioning and Refurbishment

Professional cleaning including removing ink marks, heel marks and all other stains.


Professional cleaning including removing ink marks, heel marks and all other stains

We offer innovative leather services for your aircraft cabin interior.

• Professional cleaning of all leather surfaces
• Touch up of damaged parts
• Refurbishment of leather surfaces
• Conditioning & protection of leather

Leather Care, Conditioning and Refurbishment

Furniture leather has become increasingly thin over time. That is why today's leather surfaces are more sensitive. Modern aircraft cabin interiors are pleasantly bright; unfortunately this can cause the leather to fade faster. Snacks on the table or a drink on the armrest - a misfortune happens quickly.

One or two scratches or stains on the leather interior can disturb the whole appearance of the cabin. The protection and preservation of your valuable leather furniture becomes a necessity.

Surface Treatment GmbH brings your aircraft interior back into perfect condition. We specialize in cleaning and restoring leather of all types:

- Smooth leather
- Aniline leather
- Suede
- Alcantara
- PU leather

First, the leather surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. In the case of larger soiling, several additional work steps may be necessary. Now the actual condition of the leather can be assessed. Then scratches, abrasions and abrasion will be removed. In order to return the leather to its original color, the original color is mixed and the repaired areas repainted. The surface is sealed and cared, so that the leather can be protected. This seal protects against future discolouration and fading.

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Boeing D6-7127 certified products


Aircraft Cabin Cleaning

Professional cabin cleaning


Professional cabin cleaning

We offer excellent aircraft cabin cleaning services.

• Professional cabin cleaning
• Pre-flight cleaning
• Cabin inspection

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SAE AMS 1550B, AMS 1534 & AMS 1535 as well as Boeing D6-17487 and D6-7127 certified products