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SFT Surface Treatment GmbH

At SFT Surface Treatment GmbH, customer satisfaction takes the top priority. With years of experience in surface cleaning and sealing, we provide the highest quality and flexibility to successfully handle even last-minute assignments. Our employees are the heart and engine of our company, and we promote openness and loyalty. Together, we strive for innovation and excellence, always in accordance with applicable laws and our responsibility to the environment.



Aircraft Decontamination and Disinfection
Cold-fogging application for best efficacy
SAE AMS1452 and Boeing D6-7127 certified products
Fast, easy, effective and safe


Textile and Carpet Cleaning & Protection

Carpet deep cleaning - wet or dry
Seat belt & Pillow cleaning
Curtain cleaing and steaming
Protective Coating for all textiles
SAE AMS 1630C certified products


Leather Care, Conditioning and Refurbishment

Professional cleaning of all leather surfaces
Touch up of damaged parts e.g. arm- or footrests
Reconditioning of leather surfaces
Conditioning & protection of leather
Boeing D6-7127 certified products


Cabin Cleaning

Professional cabin cleaning
Pre-flight cleaning
Cabin inspection
SAE AMS 1550B, AMS 1534 & AMS 1535 as well as Boeing D6-17487 and D6-7127 certified products